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Dispositions Service for Wholesalers & Real Estate Professionals

At Dispo Connect, our team of disposition specialists knows what it takes to close a deal. Leveraging decades of residential and commercial real estate experience and a proprietary database that includes thousands of qualified buyers, we help facilitate off market real estate transactions across the country.

Proprietary Buyer Database

Access to a curated pool of interested end-buyers is the cornerstone of our specialized disposition service. Rather than prematurely terminating contracts due to lack of interest, you can connect directly with buyers whose interests align with the price and location of your property. In addition to the database itself, we also offer analytically driven insights into buyer activities, personas, and behaviors.

Speedy, Stress-Free Sales

Powered by 20+ years of real estate experience and innovative data analytics, we take pride in our ability to facilitate the entire end-to-end off-market transaction. We work directly with your transaction coordinators and/or clients to ensure that the disposition process is as stress-free and speedy as possible. Despite this support, we never ask wholesalers to enter into joint venture agreements that limit your potential profit.

Free Property Listing and More

Even in a difficult market, the perfect end-buyer for your property is out there. When you partner with Dispo Connect, we advertise directly to our robust buyer network to find your match. For a limited time, we also feature your property listing on our website. This significantly lowers the likelihood of a terminated contract and frees up your acquisition team to focus on obtaining new properties instead of selling existing ones.


Why Dispo Connect?

Transparent, Flat Fee Pricing

Skip the restrictive Joint Venture agreements with transparent, flat-fee pricing that lets you keep more of your profits!

Speedy End-to-End Transactions

Our disposition specialists speed up the sales process, free up your schedule, and boost your per-property ROI!

Fewer Terminated Contracts

Maximize your spread, connect with qualified buyers, and watch your contract conversion rates skyrocket!

Ready to discover what outsourced dispositions can do for you?

Find qualified buyers for your properties with Dispo Connect.

Proprietary Buyer Insights + Database

In addition to an industry-leading database of off-market end-buyers, we also track real-time buying activity and analyze buyer behavior to find a perfect match for your deal.

End-to-End Transaction Assistance

Selling an off-market property involves more than simply finding the right buyer. We can help with all aspects of the sale, allowing you to focus your energy on acquisitions.

Professional Advertising Support

When you sell your investment property through Dispo Connect, we’ll feature your listing on our website and advertise directly to our expertly curated pool of buyers.


How it Works:

  1. Submit Your Property Info. Our disposition specialists will review your price and comps, and strategize the best path forward for a speedy, stress-free sale.
  2. Connect with Qualified Buyers. We’ll feature your listing on our website and advertise the property directly to the most relevant buyers in our extensive, nationwide network.
  3. Close the Deal. After connecting with a buyer and agreeing on terms, all that’s left to do is close. Dispo Connect takes a small flat fee, the rest of the profit is yours.

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